FileMaker Pro
A couple more projects. There are lots of screens, functions, tricks, and such that aren't shown here, the images are meant to show the overall design sensibilities.
Boylan Studios
This photo studio was a spectacular space on the West Side of Manhattan.
They booked their studios out to movie and television productions, editorial and catalog photo shoots, fashion shows, corporate parties.
It was a lot to keep track of, especially on an Excel spread sheet supplimented with bits of paper.
Boylan came to me with an idea for a booking calendar and we built it in two months.
LIFE Magazine.
Stories of LIFE Magazine's death had been greatly exagerated up until its actual demise.
Nonetheless, LIFE's Public Affairs department carries on to promote the books and special editions still published under LIFE's legendary logo.
To that end, they needed an updated version of TIME Magazine's FileMaker Pro solution for their Public Affairs department.
We ended up rethinking the entire affair and I came up with this lovely, intuitive, powerful, ground-breaking, breathtaking solution.
Then again, I may be greatly exagerating.
It does handle bookings, emailings, list management, reports and all the things that keep those sorts of people busy all day.
But hopefully a little less hectic.