FileMaker Pro
Still more projects. As usual, there are lots of screens, functions, tricks, and such that aren't shown here, these screenshots are meant to show overall design sensibilities.
G I Apparel
G I Apparel sells those awful silkscreened t-shirts with the corny sentiments or off-color gags or Harley Davidson logos. The rooster photo is mine since I don't have access to the ugly t-shirt images any more.
This FileMaker solution manages images, usage, production specs, and things I don't remember any more under those colored tabs.
G I Apparel ceased operations which is a shame because this solution was a powerful tool designed to streamline operations and minimize production errors.
And all I got was this lousy screenshot.
TIME Magazine.
TIME needed to update and expand their Public Relations solution.
We ended up building an entirely new database that takes advantage of FileMaker's current feature set.
This allows them to manage media contacts, create mailing lists, and send out weekly announcements regarding upcoming subjects, all from within FileMaker.
The interesting challenge here was linking Companies, Divisions, and Contacts with maximum freedom while keeping the user experience smooth and intuitive.
This screen is the Contact Detail view. The client requested more colors which is how we ended up with this Skittles look.